BOSTON, MA, U.S.A. - On April 3rd, the Tufts University Water: Systems, Science, and Society Graduate Program held its sixth annual water symposium, Fluid Boundaries: Integrated Solutions to Today's Water Challenges, at the Tufts Medical campus in Boston.  Bringing together a wide range of water professionals from across the greater Boston area and the country, the event featured keynote speaker, Paul Niedzwiecki of the Cape Cod Commission, as well as two panels, one focusing on Water Conservation and Quality and the other on WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), the latter featuring Initiative: Eau President, Donald Brooks.  The second panel sought to emphasize the role of behavior change and technological innovation in the WASH sector, especially in the developing world.  

The panel underscored the coordinating and supportive importance of public policy measures in ensuring for robust WASH development.  In addition to Brooks, the panel was moderated by Jess Arnett of the ClearWater Initiative and featured Anthony Kolb of USAID, Kimberly Lyon of the World Bank, and Robyn Fisher of WaterAid America.  The group had a lively and candid discussion about the topic, which garnered much audience engagement and offered insightful new angles from which the problem and potential solutions can be viewed.  When asked about the conference, Brooks said, "the Tufts WSSS Symposium is not only an outstanding  venue for dialogue about innovation in all aspects of water management, both from the environmental standpoint as well as from an international development lens, but it is also an excellent way to present Initiative: Eau to the world and begin to let people know about who we are, what we do, and why we exist."