With peer-to-peer fundraising, there are many ways to support Initiative: Eau, regardless of who or where you are.  We encourage innovation of all types as we work to raise money and awareness for clean water and improved sanitation. 


Step 1

Harness your creativity, know-how, and desire to make a change by creating a project of your own.  Deciding to advocate for potable water and sanitation projects is the first step.  It could be a race, bake-sale, contests, or anything that raises awareness and funds for the cause.


Step 2

Set up your fundraising page for Initiative: Eau on our secure platform CrowdRise, and spread the word.  Share your idea with friends, family, colleagues, and peers -- it's a message worth spreading!


Step 3

Celebrate your progress via Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook.  Initiative: Eau will happily offer support and advice throughout the process, as you work to help us make a difference for water-stressed communities.